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''Really vibrant, a great mix of recognizable forms

& abstract 'art for art's sake' colour, texture and patina!.You have a wonderful lightness of touch but at the same time the paintingshave

intruguing depth and substance''


Lis Jones - Art Commentator



''Oh Carole, we love the paintings!


Absolutely gorgeous and look great in the house, a beautiful reminder indoors of the gorgeous garden outside''


''Thank you for doing them''


Melody Chapman


Honestly, I can say in words how delighted I am to own it! It really is truly magical and I completely love it. Seeing it for real cemented my feelings for it on the first glimpse of it only being partly unwrapped.


Michelle MacDonald

It has arrived Carole!! it's even more beautiful in reality.Thank you so much!!


Susie Fox

Thank you so much for my little painting, it is perfect and I now have four of them


Jan Thain

The framing is now done on the painting, the frame has blue edges and a silver front and it is hanging on the wall in my home here in Germany.

Ulrich Bangert



IMG_6372 bouquet whole lavender and chair Purple Daisy whole sm



I absolutely love my painting and can't wait now to get it hung up, thanks for putting some colour in my life


Julie Kearns